Psychological Evaluations

Get clarity about your mental health by using psychological testing as a tool

At Insights Psychology, we offer specialized psychological evaluations to children (6 and older), teens and adults, in-person and via telehealth.

Skilled & Experienced Team

Our psychologists provide comprehensive evaluations including general mental health evaluations, ADHD evaluations (adult & child), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) evaluations (adult & child), Learning disability evaluations, and chemical health assessments. In addition, we also offer health psychological evaluations such as pre-surgical bariatric psychological assessments, and kidney donor psychological evaluations. Other specialized evaluations include disability evaluations, and forensic assessments.

Our Approach

Our psychologists complete a mental intake which includes gathering background information, history of presenting problems, past treatments, and personal/social history.

This is followed by the use of evidence-based objective psychological testing measures to answer the referral question.

General Mental Health Evaluations

We offer general mental health evaluations that are aimed at diagnostic clarification and aid in treatment planning. Someone who has been diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses may want to know which condition they are truly suffering from, since diagnosis guides treatment.

This evaluation also assists a client’s medication provider to determine which may be the right medication for the client, especially when the client’s symptoms are complicated.

Pre-surgical Bariatric Evaluations

Bariatric assessments determine psychological and psychosocial readiness prior to surgery.

This evaluation includes an initial interview to review key factors that may be a deterrent to successful outcomes in bariatric surgery followed by psychological testing.  

We integrate information from the interview, psychological tests, and intake paperwork to determine the client’s readiness for bariatric surgery.

Occasionally, there are reasons to postpone surgery after the client follows recommendations.

Disability evaluations

A disability evaluation is a detailed clinical interview that assists the referring agency in reviewing the client’s case to better understand their condition and its impact on their functioning.

This evaluation is completed in one to two visits and includes a comprehensive review of the client’s mental health problems, mental status examination, assessment of activities of daily functioning, and impairment in those areas due to the disability.

Forensic evaluations

A forensic mental health evaluation is a type of evaluation performed by a psychologist who provides relevant clinical and scientific data to a legal decision-maker in the court system.

These evaluations are different from general mental health evaluations as they are specific to the referral question an attorney or legal representative needs to answer. These evaluations are not covered by insurance.

Psychological & Bariatric Evaluations  Videos

What is psychological assessment?
Video Credits: Medipsy

The Pre Surgical Bariatric Psychology Evaluation
Video Credits: Bariatric Psychologist, Dr. James Glynn