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I appreciate the consistency of my appointments, setting goals and working towards the goals, achieving goals and moving on to the next set of circumstances.


Dr. Newhouse is extremely warm and inviting. She listens well and is understanding.

~ Client

Mollie has a gentle approach that is helping me toward being more gentle with myself. I feel immense gratitude for having Mollie as a part of my support team.

~ Client

I was very comfortable with Hina. Hina provided some good insight and recommendations.


Therapy with Hina has been extremely beneficial for me. She is very caring.

~ Client

Keep doing what you are doing. In my opinion, you are simply the best.

~ Client

I’ve known and worked with Hina for 15+ years. She is a knowledgeable, skillful, thoughtful provider. She brings a wealth of experience, training, and clinical and leadership skills to her role as psychologist.

She has worked across a variety of settings providing therapy, trauma work and testing/assessment services to name a few. Her kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness enhance her terrific clinical skills. I highly recommend Dr. Siddiqui!

Jennifer Rademacher, PhD, LP

Clinical Psychologist

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Hina. She is skilled in her professional assessments as well as being a compassionate clinician. She is also down-to-earth and a pleasure to work with.

Mary Andersen, APRN

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Hina was an amazing colleague and has extremely impressive clinical skills based on previous patient feedback and her long standing history at Allina Health. She saw a wide array of patient presentations and worked extremely hard within the management team and never shied away from difficult projects. It was a pleasure working with her and the specific skill set/qualities that sets her apart from most providers includes strong compassion, empathy, organizational abilities, diligence to ethical obligations, perseverance, and an optimistic attitude.

Jeff Mills, PsyD, LP

Clinical Psychologist

Hina is a wonderful clinician and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have personal experience both working along side of her as well as managing her work, and she is absolutely stellar across the board. She is warm, intelligent, and compassionate. I really cannot recommend her highly enough!

Chad Radniecki, PsyD, LP

Clinical Psychologist

I have known Dr. Hina Siddiqui for over 16 years, and have found her to be professional, compassionate, friendly and an emphatic listener. She is confident, insightful, dedicated to her clients and an expert in her clinical practices. I highly recommend Dr. Siddiqui and I frequently refer clients to her practice.

Kabita Roy, PsyD, LP

Clinical Psychologist

Hina is an extraordinary mental health professional. She has been taking care of our bariatric patients for several years now. Our patients love her and are extremely happy with her care! Kudos to you Hina!

Juan Blondet, MD

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Hina Siddiqui is such a fantastic colleague. She is clinically excellent, highly conscientious, easy to engage with, and dedicated to patients and staff. She also bring important and meaningful ideas to the table as well as plans for how they could be implemented. I consider myself very lucky to have been fortunate enough to work with her.

Daniel Hurley, PhD, LP

Clinical Psychologist

I’ve known Dr. Siddiqui for more than 17 years. She has demonstrated leadership and guidance, first as a teaching assistant in graduate school, most recently as my clinical supervisor with Allina Health. Dr. Siddiqui has a wide range of skills, is approachable and competent. Her clients improve as a result. I fully recommend Dr. Siddiqui!

Aimee Tubbs, PsyD, LP

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Siddiqui is the perfect combination of intelligence, compassion, and integrity. She is a skilled psychologist and leader.

Amelia Versland, PhD, LP

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Hina Siddiqui is a fabulous, compassionate and smart psychologist to work with – I 100% recommend her to anyone seeking compassionate care to improve mental wellness.

Lisa Lovelace, PsyD, LP

Clinical Psychologist

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